I’m a photographer, design and technology teacher, freelance writer, and full time father of three boys.  In 2003 I graduated with distinction from the acclaimed BA Arts Photography program at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia.   My work has been used to illustrate a series of photographic text books published by Focal Press and since moving to Perth I have photographed and written for Outback magazine and become a successful contributor to Lonely Planet and now Getty Images.  I have been commissioned to photograph for Qantas inflight guides and have also provided a number of cover images for Fremantle Press.  I currently live in Perth with my partner Nicole and sons Aidan and William (age 4) and Finlay (age 6).  My focus and passion around children and family photography stems from the pleasure I find in documenting my own kids as they grow up and relate to the world and each other in ever changing ways.


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